Ni hao. Hailing from Chicago, I am of modest personality resolving to make lives less iffy and way more spiffy through accessible, functional and friendly web and digital design … usually.

(Well, that's sort of a mouthful or if you're like me, a sign language user, then a handful.)

Cornell University: College of Business Homepage

Cornell University: College of Business

Web & visual

Cornell University approached with a need to have a new site that would harness three separate schools into one. In addition, a visual system that is functional, elastic and easy to implement their newly created branding.

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Identity of ArtStartArt splashed with bright colors

Art Start Art

Branding, icons and web

An internet marketplace curating and selling the best artwork coming out of the top universities across the country.

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Six identity samples including illustrated fish, mountains and trees, and group of people interweaved


Branding & logo design

Varieties of identity samples for services, firms and apps.

Three mobile displays of Loyola Marymount University viewbook webpages

Loyola Marymount University

Web & visual

A focused university experience delivered to prospectives.

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For love and fun

When I can, I band together with friends


Find technology conferences that are accessible and inclusive


An experiment in a real life visual chat/message group, showcasing a textual conversation in person with anyone, anywhere and anytime


Empowering and mentoring deaf/hard-of-hearing/deafblind learners to succeed in STEM careers.